Manufacturer Description Payment Terms Freight Allowed Minimum Billing
Active Safety Photoluminescent exit signs and systems Net 30 $1000 None
American Glass Light Co. High quality architectural decorative glass sconces and pendants 50% Order/50% Ship None None
ARON Lighting US-based manufacturer of high performance interior LED lighting products for commercial, office, educational and industrial spaces Net 30 $10000 None
Astro Lighting Offers a clean and contemporary lighting range Net 30
Auroralight Premium quality LED landscape lighting
Better Designed Lighting (BDL) Lighting solutions for the hospitality world Net 30 F/A None
Canlet Non-metallic weatherproof lighting solutions 2% 15 Net 30 Full Freight Allowed $500
Carolina High Mast Designs, fabricates, and warrants complete high mast lighting systems for illuminating large outdoor areas. None
Certolux (Viscor) Specification-grade LED and fluorescent solutions for a wide range of demanding enviroments
Chloride Systems (PHILIPS) Emergency lighting system solutions Net 30 $1000
Color Kinetics (PHILIPS) White and color changing LED lighting,fixtures and systems $1000
Crucial Power Products Designs, engineers and manufactures Central Lighting Inverters Net 30 N/A N/A
Day-Brite (PHILIPS) Specification and commodity grade LED and fluorescent troffers, parabolics, and surface lighting $1000 $50
Day-Brite Vandal Resistant (PHILIPS) Vandal-resistant lighting fixtures for commercial, clean room, medical, and safety applications $1000 $50
Day-O-Lite Linear architectural specification products 1% 10 Net 30 $5000 $100
De Sisti Lighting Lighting and rigging for the entertainment and architectural industries
Delux Custom Lighting Quality custom lighting
DESIGNPOLE Electric Utility poles, Ready-Mix Concrete, Patented Aggregate blends, Premier Multi-Purpose Street Lighting, Traffic Signal, CCTV, Security and Park lighting.
dmfLighting Value driven, innovative recessed, track and specialty lighting. Net 30 $2000 $50
DuraGuard LED and HID quickship lighting fixtures for all applications $1500- does not include poles
DURALAMP Duralamp delivers a versatile line of architectural linear LED luminaires and energy efficient lamps ideal for accent, task and general indoor and outdoor lighting. Duralamp is a brand of TARGETTI USA.
Electro Connect (PHILIPS) Modular wiring system $1000
Elio Energy efficient LED lighting Full payment due at time of delivery. None None
Elite Lighting LED commercial and residential recessed, undercabinet, track, cove, and decorative/ emergency quick-ship lighting 0 $2000
Engineered Lighting Products (ELP) Indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications Net 30 $5000 $100
Eureka Decorative and architectural lighting Net 30 None None
Evenlite Architectural emergency lighting systems Net 30 $1500, plus freight for central inverters systems $50
Everbrite Lighting MRI-safe LED lighting design, engineering and manufacturing Net 30 None
Fluxwerx Premium, innovative professional luminaires for the general lighting of interior commercial and institutional spaces utilizing the latest technologies, delivering an optimal balance of modern design, technical performance, and minimal energy consumption.
Focal Point Architectural specification grade fluorescent and LED lighting solutions from recessed indirect/direct, suspended linear systems to pendants, sconces and downlights Net 30 $5000 $500, Excluding Parts
G Lighting Specification, commercial grade decorative lighting in traditional, classical and contemporary designs Net 30 $2500 $100
Gammalux Architectural linear LED & fluorescents 1% 10, Net 30 $5000 $1750 Fixtures/$75 Parts
Gardco (PHILIPS) A pioneer of high performance, LED & HID outdoor luminaires 1% 15 Net 30 $1000 $200
Hadco (PHILIPS) Commercial, municipal, industrial and residential outdoor lighting 1% 10 Net 30 $1000
Hoffend and Sons High performance rigging and hoist equipment for Performing Arts Centers and Sports Arenas
idMetalco Over 3,000 items of street furniture that improve the quality of life in cities throughout the world
iLight Technologies Accent lighting solutions integrating the latest LED technology Net 30 None None
Indatech Lighting High-quality hazardous and industrial lighting fixtures Net 30 $2500 None
Industrial Lighting Products (ILP) Commercial/ industrial lighting products Net 30 $1000, $3000 on retrofit kits None
Insight Lighting A wide range of high performance LED architectural lighting products. Net 30 $10,000 None
Intrigue Lighting High-quality, architectural, pedestrian-scale, & exterior lighting fixtures
L.C. Doane Company Multi purpose night vision safe corrosion resistant lighting as well as tamperproof clamshell fixtures for use in correctional and healtcare facilities $3000 $300
Ledalite (PHILIPS) The premier architectural specification grade LED/ fluorescent lighting solution using recessed indirect/direct and suspended linear systems Net 30 $1000 $200
Light Emitting Designs (LeD) High quality commercial/residential indoor and outdoor lighting LED based lighting fixtures. FOB LA $8000 + to Anywhere in USA
LightLouver Provider of high-quality, high-performing, affordable daylighting and solar control products
Lightolier (PHILIPS) LED architectural downlighting and decorative track. 1% 10 Net Prox 25 $1000
Ligman Lighting USA Designs, manufactures and distributes world class, high efficiency, top quality outdoor lighting products. None None $150
LimeLight/Twist HDM Wireless lighting control systems for parking garage applications Net 30 Included in quotes None
Louis Poulsen Exceptional architectural lighting statements. Fixtures for indoor and outdoor applications. Now available in LED. Net 30 $5000 $100
Lumec (PHILIPS) Outdoor decorative lighting products that contribute to the beautification of their surroundings 1% 15 Net 30 $1000
LumenArt Ltd. Decorative glass wall mounts and pendants Net 30 None $500
Lumos Custom Lighting for interior and exterior applications Full payment prior to shipping Pre paid
Mercury Lighting Quick Ship LED and fluorescent architectural, commercial, and industrial lighting fixtures. $2000
Meteor Lighting High output LED with advanced dimming + Solar LED For all orders, payment terms are 50% Downpayment with order, 50% Net 30 Day from invoice date. $30,000- $49,000- 0.5%; $50,000- $99,999- 0.75%; $100,000+ 1% None
Millerbernd Custom lighting products
MP Lighting Low-voltage track lighting, decorative pendants, and innovative in-grade and recessed wall LED fixtures. Net 30 None None
Noribachi LED lighting for high output commercial and industrial applications. Net 30 N/A $500
Oxygen Contemporary decorative lighting fixtures Net 30 None None
Pace Illuminations Decorative landscape lighting, pendants, sconces Net 30 $5000 $200
Peachtree Lighting Architectural downlights and cylinders for medical, church, and decorative applications 1% disc if paid by 10th of month. Payments made after 10th of month are due on net basis to the 25th of the month. $3,500 $350
Philips Commercial Decorative/ Home Lighting Decorative home lighting for commercial and residential use
Philips Controls (PHILIPS) Commercial dimming controls and systems $1000
Philips Roadway (PHILIPS) Innovative solutions for highways and roads Net 30 $1000 None
Phoenix Lighting Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Docklight, LED, Floodlight, Area, Linear, Hazardous, Explosion proof Net 30 $3000 on docklite orders None
Precision Architectural Lighting (PAL) Linear fluorescent and LED lighting solutions. Net 30 $6000 $500
Prima Lighting Low voltage track lighting, architectural recessed, pendants, and sconces Net 30 $6000 $100
Primus Lighting Spec Grade extruded aluminum linear fixtures using both traditional and LED sources. Net 30 FOB: Shipping Point/ Prepay & Charge $75
Prisma Architectural Lighting High quality, Italian designed, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting fixtures Net 30 $4000 $100
Rayon Lighting Architectural, commercial & premium residential LED lighting for interior and exterior applications.
Shakespeare Composite Structures Fiberglass reinforced composites design, engineering, and manufacturing, and the originator of the composite light pole Net 30 $3000
Signtex Lighting Architectural quality emergency lighting systems $5000
SolarOne Solar lighting $1000
SSRC Quality theatrical distribution equipment Net 30 Varies by quote
Sternberg Lighting Decorative traditional and architectural luminaires, poles, bollards, site amenities, and landscape furnishings Net 30 None None
Stonco (PHILIPS) A leading provider of contractor-rated outdoor luminaires that include high efficiency LED, HID, fluorescent and induction sources. $1000
Stonebridge Lighting High-quality, affordable lighting, with a variety of fixtures and poles and bases with optional accessories, to provide a complete family line of products to fulfill any outdoor lighting requirement Net 30 None None
Strand Lighting (PHILIPS) Luminaires, dimming equipment, control systems and software for architectural and entertainment applications Net 30 On all systems $100
TARGETTI Targetti offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor architectural lighting and creative custom solutions for the U.S. market. Net 30 $5000 $100
TBR (Viscor) Custom indoor and outdoor architectural lighting solutions.
Teron Lighting (TLI) Quality, cost-effective decorative, and ceiling mounted fixtures Net 30 $3000 $50 or $7.50 Service Char
Times Square Lighting Architectural track/display lighting Net 30 $5000 $50
TPR Enterprises TPR Enterprises is a manufacturer of LED and Fiber Optic Lighting and Controls. Net 30 N/A $75
Truly Green Solutions, Inc LED products including multiple retrofit options for indoor and outdoor. Orders over $2500 require 50% at order/ 50% on ship date Free freight for orders over $2,500 (excludes Hawaii/Alaska) None
United Lighting Standards (ULS) Supplier for steel and aluminum pole needs—from commercial, residential, roadway, and sports lighting to electric charging stations and ornamental designs. Net 30 None $0
Valmont Poles and Structures Quality steel and aluminum poles for outdoor area and sports lighting Net 30 $1500 $500
Vaya (PHILIPS) LED lighting, fixtures, and systems $1000
Visa Lighting Industry leader in decorative architectural lighting products Net 30 Free freight for orders over $3000- Orders $1-$1000= $50 Freight- Orders $1001-$2000= $100 Freight- Orders $2001- $3000 = $200 Freight $100 Fixtures, $25 Parts
Visioneering (Viscor) State-of-the-art LED and flourescent lighting fixtures for a wide range of applications.
Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting Architectural and decorative landscape lighting Net 30 $1500 None
Vode Lighting Modular linear lighting solutions using LED sources Plus freight
Wagner Architectural Systems Illuminated handrails and custom illuminated metalwork.
WattStopper Lighting control systems- Digital Lighting Management and Occupancy Sensors. 1% 10 Net 30 $2500 $50
We-ef High-performance exterior luminaires, combining state-of-the-art lamp and control technology with advanced optical systems and superior mechanical engineering.
XtraLight Commercial, retail, institutional, and industrial LED lighting Net 30 $2500 None