The Evolution to 5G: The Digital Pathway to the Smart City

Digital infrastructure today is important to a city’s economic vitality and quality of life, on par with physical infrastructure like roads, bridges, and water pipes. Yet most components of a city’s digital backbone are insufficient to
meet the modern connectivity needs of today (and tomorrow). But to fully understand the nationwide phenomena of the build out of the 5 G network it is critical to understand the evolution of the cellular industry from the inception at 1G analog phones to the
new Smart phones and an understanding how technology and the consumer market drives the race to 5G deployment; how the new smart pole provides an all-in-one solution. Smart pole accommodates a wide variety of IoT applications, always-on connectivity, cameras
and environmental sensors. The 4G-5G small cell concealed sites provide aesthetic solutions to site acquisition for carriers and municipalities.
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Language of Light

Topics covered:

Definition of Light
Basic lighting terminology
Types of light distribution
Anatomy of human eye / how we process light
Basic principles of light transfer and measurement
LED basics
Lighting applications.
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