Ice and Darkness: A Circadian Story

This presentation explores how to meet the circadian needs of humans in a completely artificial environment when they are sharing space with colleagues on different work/relax shift patterns. Presented by  Martin Valentine, Ligman’s International Design Director.

Credits: 3 AIA Credits

Lighting up the Outside World- A Guide to Selecting “Fit for Purpose” LED Outdoor Luminaires

Course Objectives:

· To learn about the materials and components that go into the construction of an outdoor lighting fixture, and why they are important.

· To understand how fixtures are designed to ensure durability and sustainability over a 15-20 year life cycle

· To become familiar with the manufacturing & testing procedures that an outdoor luminaire must go through, and what impact this has on its durability.

· To understand that not all outdoor fixtures are created equal and how to select those that are“fit for purpose” in order to endure the environmental challenges that fixtures are subject to.

Credits: (1) LU/HSW

The Decorative Lighting Fixture of the Century

Discover the world and history of Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer (RLM) lighting. Learn about the key individuals who influenced this style, the manufacturing techniques commonly used to create these fixtures, and the different decorative finishing methods. This course breaks down the complete anatomy of the RLM lighting fixture highlighting relevant use in real-world applications.

Credits: 1 Credit

Behavioral Health Lighting: Evidence for Therapeutic Design

We know that the built environment can impact our physical and mental wellbeing- positively and negatively. This presentation overviews behavioral health facilities, where patients can be vulnerable to psychological stress from their environment. Focusing on lighting and luminaires, patient safety standards, and principles of therapeutic design, this presentation provides context for how and why these facilities continue to evolve.

Credits: 1 HSW/LU

Effects of Proper Daylighting in the Workplace

Daylighting is becoming increasingly popular through both building codes and practices, but as well by the workforce itself. It’s not hard to imagine how daylight affects us all on a daily basis. This one hour course provides an overview of how to best utilize the benefits of natural lighting with proper daylighting strategies that can…

Best Practices for Creating Visual Comfort for High Bay and Low Bay Applications

As LED High and Low Bay fixtures become more efficient, the issue with glare has become more prevalent. This course will explore the tools designers have to identify and verify the glare performance of a fixture, before it is incorporated into a design. Review the new glare performance requirements in the Design Lights Consortion (DLC) v5.1 Premium program and gain insight into the levels of visual comfort that qualifying DLC Premium products achieve

Green Building United

Green Building United provides training and educational events focused on cutting edge green building standards and practices, serving as a go-to source for GBCI and AIA continuing education credits. For immediate CEU credits, check out their Webinars on Demand Library and Events Page . *Fees may apply


Wattstopper offers a variety of controls focused CEU courses covering New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware energy codes, WELL and LEED standards, shading systems and human centric lighting. Reach out to our controls expert, Scott Stuart to get registered for a personalized, virtual session!

Focal Point

Lighting is expanding beyond illumination, integrating technologies that contribute to human well-being, energy savings, and code compliance, while transforming the built environment. Keep abreast of the latest developments in lighting and acoustics, and expand your knowledge with our continuing education courses. Earn Learning Units (LUs) by taking their AIA/CES accredited continuing education courses.

The Lighting Exchange

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